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TERATOMA - "PLANDEMIC" (Limited Edition) HFR-003


Image of TERATOMA - "PLANDEMIC" (Limited Edition) HFR-003

The new project from Steven Johnson Leyba & KAYTWO. A message to all the naive victims of this planet. All those who are controlled by social media and the organic mind weapon called fear. For those aware of the truth or those who are on the journey of discovering it, this release will not offend you, as it will tread on familiar territory. The content of this creation will trigger the weak minded, the easily offended, and the closed minded. So as a warning, please do not listen to
this or let yourself even ponder on it.
Recorded during the smack down, lock down of 2020. Dark, Industrial-ish beats, with a drizzle of atmospheric ambiance is the pallet KAYTWO has laid down for the offensive truth that Steven Johnson Leyba recites to the unsuspecting audience.
+ Limited to 50 copies.
Of which 18 are ULTRA editions that includes a hand signed giclee' print of the cover art by Steven Johnson Leyba.
+ Black cassette housed in a shiny solid black plastic case.
+ Thick O-card, hand numbered by the artists.